The Screener Tool

Screener is being designed to make it easier for journalists to find, monitor and publish company related data.

The journalistic tool makes the identification of company names easier and provides unified search across multiple data sources. It allows for the monitoring of company related news and supports the template based creation of associated digital content items.


Start the video for a walkthrough of the Screener Tool. This version is the first technical demonstrator, which shows among other functions the semi-automated creation of digital content items.

The application uses different types of underlying data sets. The data is either open, owned by DW or belongs to a third party (external data providers). Relevant data sets are company registration data, international news data, web data and the “” marketplace resulting from the euBusinessGraph project. The connection of data sets develops over time. Current data sources connected are from OpenCorporates (company registration data), JSI EventRegistry (news articles) and Deutsche Welle (news articles).

Try it out

Are you interested to try out the Screener Tool? Get a hands-on experience and login with this test credentials: / access. Please bear in mind that this application is under development and the version you are using is the first technical demonstrator.

Software license: Screener is a proprietary software which is currently under development by Deutsche Welle in the context of the euBusinessGraph research project.

Find out more about the Journalistic Business Case (DJP).

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