List of videos illustrating the Marketplace, (public) Business Cases and Tools.


Business Cases

BRC / BR-S service

This video demonstrates the BR-S service, showing search in the Legal Entities Register and the State Aid Register. It is also shown how services are described in the National Data Directory.

DJP / Screener

Screener helps journalists tell company stories faster, easier and better – by making some aspects of their work easier: company research and fact-checking, news monitoring, and visual content creation. The way journalists work is changing. Support tools that provide data sources, templates and automation are beginning to play a role in journalistic workflows. They can help free-up valuable time and improve accuracy, quality or diversity of storytelling.



In this video we introduce ABSTAT, a tool for extracting data profiles from RDF data and make them available to users and applications. In the video we quickly review the main features of ABSTAT and focus on some new features that have been introduced to help users check the quality of the data they publish in RDF using SHACL-based constraint validation. ABSTAT is used in euBusinessGraph to support vocabulary suggestions in the data onboarding process (via tools like DataGraft and ASIA) and to help users check the quality of the data they want to publish in the graph.


In this video, we explain how to use the ASIA tool to transform a dataset provided in tabular format into a knowledge graph that uses the RDF data model and one or more vocabularies and ontologies.

This transformation is required to support providers of company-related data, that are willing to contribute their data to the euBusinessGraph, in the complex processes of aligning their data sets to the euBusinessGraph ontology and enriching the input data. Notably, the video albeit focusing mainly on ASIA’s cross-lingual semantic alignment features, provides also a quick introduction to the reconciliation and data extension functionalities of the tool.

More information on ASIA and the euBusinessGraph Ontology can be found at:

Event Registry

Event Registry is a system that can analyse news articles and identify world events.

The Relation Tracker

The videos shows how relation extraction is taken from events and grouped into topics. Within each topic, an interactive graph shows the main entities of each topic based on time and the type of relations between those entities. In addition, we visualize summary information about entities and their relationships.


Wikifier is a web service which takes a text document as input and annotates it with links to relevant Wikipedia concepts.