By creating an EU-wide product around corporate events data, derived from corporate register data in database, and from other registers and datasets, users of this product will have access to a range of critical, standardised corporate events.


This product will enable the deployment of an essential, practical data service for the following markets: sales and marketing, existing suppliers and customers, competitors, due diligence/onboarding/legal/Know Your Customer (KYC), financial industry, including banks, investors, peer-to-peer lenders, credit reference agencies, and regulators.

Corporate events data underpin most business activity, comprising critical events in the lifecycle of a company. Yet, astonishingly, despite the importance and the fact that the key component data of this dataset are situated in public records and registers, there is no consolidated view of such events.

Within the work of the Corporate Events Data business case, the following critical, standardised corporate events will be made accessible for OpenCorporates users:

  • Incorporation and dissolution of a company
  • Changes in core attributes, such as name, registered address, company type, and industry codes
  • Significant credit events
  • Changes in leadership
  • Changes in structure
  • Changes in permissions, particularly change in licences
  • Announcements and filings