Brønnøysund Register Centre develops and operates many of Norway’s most important registers and electronic solutions.

Coordinating data in the public sector and providing advisory services are central tasks that make things easier for business and industry. BRC’s main goal in euBusinessGraph is to create an API service for modern access to four (currently disconnected) major Norwegian authoritative public sector registers – the Central Coordinating Register for Legal Entities, the Register of Business Enterprises, The Registry of Company Accounts, and Registry of State Aid.

This will be implemented by publishing them in Linked Data format as part of the business graph provisioned by euBusinessGraph.

This business case will touch the following aspects:

  • Reuse of authoritative business data:Digital public services in the government and private sector can make use of high-quality authoritative data instead of asking users for paper copy attachments or the user to fill out their own information.


  • Link between own authoritative data:The business registries are connected through an organisation identifier. Furthermore, in the distribution, the data should be interconnected through links and data models, provisioned though euBusinessGraph.


  • Link to other authoritative data:BRC is authoritative for some properties of business information. However, some information comes from other sources like the Cadastre, classifications from Eurostat or Peoples registry. Links to these sources will be made as a part of the euBusinessGraph.


  • Establishing best practices for publishing authoritative business data:Publishing authoritative business data to the business graph will enable BRC to gain valuable experience in providing data into an ecosystem where data from multiple sources is combined. This insight will be used to establish best practices for creating and documenting services for publishing authoritative business data in Norway. The best practices will be shared with other Norwegian public agencies planning to publish autoritative data.


  • Data cataloguing:BRC will provide a national dataset catalogue with accurate multilingual descriptions of the content of the datasets (registries and APIs) to the business graph, thereby ensuring that the knowledge about the data is being brought to the public.