The six business cases and their products are validating innovation being developed in the euBusineessGraph project. The envisioned products span across industry and market segments and they are focused on: marketing and sales (Atoka+ and TDS), media and content providers (DJP), and business information (CED, CRM-S and BR-S).


1. Corporate Events Data Access Service (CED), OpenCorporates

CED is creating a EU–wide product around standardised corporate events data across jurisdiction, derived from company registers and government gazettes. The products goal is to give users insight into significant events in a company’s lifecycle, including changes in status, name, industry, address, directors and officers, corporate structure, statutory filings or other regulatory events. Read more


2. Tender Discovery Service (TDS), CERVED

TDS is a aimed at supporting companies across jurisdictions in discovering new untapped business opportunities in the Italian market. It enables easy, fast and intuitive discovery of relevant public administration open tender calls tailored to rich company and company–related information. TDS focus is on marketing solution and sales managers. Read more


3. Lead generation Service (Atoka +) , SPAZIODATI

Atoka is a SaaS B2B lead generation service on the Italian market that provides a single point of access to very detailed, organised, summarised, up-to-date company information from open and non-open, official and unofficial sources. Atoka+ is new product extending the existing solution and widening its potential customer base by servicing new jurisdictions through company and company-related information in the United Kingdom and Norway focusing on sales representatives and marketing managers. Read more


4. Customer Relationship Service (CRM-S), EVRY

CRM-S product is envisaged as a solution for bridging the gap between operational and analytics CRM systems for EVRY’s rich customer base. CRM- S is offering effective analytics on company data across- jurisdictions and integrated with standardized business processes easily integratable with customer CRM and ERP systems. Read more


5. Data Journalism Product (DJP), Deutsche Welle

DJP is envisaged as a solution aimed at journalists in dealing with complex and large volumes of company related data. DJP supports storytelling by enabling journalists to easily and quickly search for and monitor relevant company related information/data across multiple sources and quickly create associated digital content items -covering the three core parallel workflow of research, monitoring and content production. Read more


6. Norwegian Registries API Service (BR-S), Brønnøysund Register Centre

BR-S is aimed at increasing usage of authoritative business data in private and public sectors of Norway, the service offers high quality datasets and concept descriptions, including best practices for national use. BR-S is enabling modern access to four currently disconnected major Norwegian authoritative public sector registers- the Central Coordinating Register for Legal Entities, the Register of Business Enterprises, the Register of Company Accounts and the Registry of State Aid. Read more