Atoka is a SaaS B2B lead generation service, currently targeting the Italian market. It contains highly detailed information about companies from official (e.g., national company registers) and unofficial (e.g., the website of a company) sources.

It is geared towards sales representatives and marketing managers who need to have a comprehensive, rich and interconnected picture of companies and company sectors. Moreover, to achieve good results, this picture needs to be as up-to-date as possible. Atoka makes use of both official and unofficial information sources. Official company information is updated less frequently due to its rather static nature. Complementing it with unofficial information is key to understanding what companies are doing right now, and which are the trends that drive their needs and goals.

Being on point about a company’s needs and goals, and about trends in the context the company is operating is extremely important if you are looking to engage in effective conversation with your prospects, saving time and maximising the possibilities of success.

To be able to paint such a rich, complex context, Atoka collects and connects data from an always growing number of business information sources. Just in Italy, we process information about more than 6 million companies, 1 million company websites, and 70 thousand daily news articles.

Making sense of all this information is a daunting task. Atoka enables rich querying of company data so our users can retrieve what is important to them, no less, no more. This is achieved through rich filtering, organisation and interpretation, all supported by the use of text analysis tools.

Rich filtering
We maintain a database of 6 million companies in Italy alone. For each company we hold registration information (e.g., legal name, legal form, economic activity class), annual balance sheets, contact lists, website summaries, physical company sites, web technologies in use, data about social media engagement and pointers to news articles mentioning the company and things related to the company. On top of that, we provide indicators that analyse company stats to answer questions such as how connected a company is to others, how prone they are to do business outside their home country or how innovative a company is.

Atoka provides 30+ filters that operate on all the data that we gather. Through the use of these filters, our users can get as specific as they need.
These are examples of the queries that can be made using Atoka:

  • By name and registry number, in order to know more about specific companies
  • By company sector, using official information and keywords retrieved from company websites
  • By contact types, to quickly understand the role of the people you want to talk to
  • By financials, to target SMEs or big companies
  • By location, so you understand which companies have a presence on a certain area

Text analysis
In order to paint an up-to-date picture of a company, Atoka integrates official information that is usually found in sources that are structured and easy to process and unofficial information that often comes as natural language text and is not easily understandable by computers. To process this unofficial information, we use natural language processing tools. These tools extract meaning from the unstructured text to paint the more dynamic aspects of the life of a company.

We use this automated approach to process company websites and extract keywords that produce a richer description of what the company is about than what is usually obtained from just resorting to the economic activity classification declared by the company at registration time.

Additionally, we follow a similar approach to analyse business news annotating company mentions within the articles. In this way, we can quickly build company-specific news streams so our users can check what is being said about the companies they are interested in.

Atoka and the euBusinessGraph project
SpazioDati’s involvement in the euBusinessGraph project is driven by our goal of extending Atoka to new jurisdictions. In the context of the project, we are specifically targeting UK and Norwegian companies and generally deepening and improving the data quality and coverage in and across all jurisdictions.

Atoka is used by hundreds of customers (SMEs, Banks, Large Corporations, Local Government Bodies) in Italy and the number of paying users is growing steadily. Extending the content coverage to the new jurisdictions will have an immediate positive impact on Atoka’s potential customer base.

Moreover, by leveraging the euBusinessGraph infrastructure for Atoka, we will be able to handle a number of technical challenges such as:

  • Consistent cross-country and cross-language user experience and data harmonisation
  • Country-independent identification of corporate websites and language-independent extraction of website data
  • Identifying and disambiguating company mentions in news and across languages

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