The partners behind the project

The consortium includes internationally established players in all key areas of required expertise:

  SINTEF | technology provider; research organisation | Homepage
In its role as a technology provider, SINTEF brings its expertise in open data technologies in the design and implementation of data-driven platforms. SINTEF is one of the leading research organisations in Norway in the field of Open Data and has developed together with the Norwegian private sector applications consuming public sector open data for monitoring trends in regional developments in Norway and environmentally friendly decision support Applications.
  OpenCorporates | data and business case provider, technology provider; SME | Homepage
OpenCorporates will supply much of the core entity data, standardising information from company registers, and auto-discovering links between entities (e.g. branches and home companies). It will also provide an important new dataset: corporate events information, deriving this from both changes in core data at Company registers, and from government gazettes, which will be parsed and classified for this project. Finally, it will work with other partners to collate and map open data identifiers, while providing a business case to the Project.
  CERVED | data and business case provider; large Company) | Homepage
CERVED is a privately owned data-centric business information company based in Italy. It has more than 30.000 clients, among which most of the biggest 1000 Italian companies and 95% of the Italian banks. CERVED’s customers are worldwide with a significant number of them base in Europe. CERVED, in its role as large private industry partner and business case provider, will provide its vast expertise in the field of business information and company data in the creation of products and services, as well as a strong expertise in business planning and exploitation. CERVED will leverage a vast amount of existing clients to thoroughly validate the project results.
  SDATI | data and business case provider, technology provider; large Company | Homepage
SpazioDati is an innovative Italian company in the field of Marketing / B2B Leads Generation. As such, they will bring their expertise in delivering SaaS data-intensive products and APIs through the Dandelion platform and through Atoka, their core asset. SpazioDati will benefit from provisioning their data as part of the business graph, integrating it with other data sources, and expanding its coverage to several countries in the EU.
  EVRY |business case provider; large Company | Homepage
EVRY participates as a business developer and a large industry partner in the project. Its focus will be to exploit the possibilities of the Business Graph by developing a CRM Service providing data from the business graph and through that service adding value to the both our services and products, providing EVRY with revenue and substantial societary cost savings.
  Deutsche Welle | data and business case provider; public organisation | Homepage
Serves as multilingual content provider to the consortium, giving automated access to its content repository via APIs, thus facilitating aggregation and analysis of data. It also acts as business case partner, developing a journalism product that provides easier access to own and external company news as well as company data sources.
  Ontotext | technology provider; SME | Homepage
Ontotext has a strong prior expertise with data integration, publishing of Linked Open Data and large-scale data management with RDF databases. Ontotext’s Self Service Semantic Suite (S4)68 will be used as core platform for data hosting in the Project.
  Brønnøysund Register Centre | data and business case provider; public organisation | Homepage
BRC participates as a public sector agency in the project and acts as a data and business case provider. BRC plays a key role in making life simpler for business and industry in their dealings with the authoritative business registries in Norway. euBusinessGraph will improve the basic availability of core registries and consistency across registries.
  JSI | technology provider, data provider; research organisation | Homepage
JSI will act as a scientific partner of euBusinessGraph and contribute its extensive knowledge in the areas of cross-lingual information extraction, text mining and machine learning. JSI’s core tasks will be to extract from multi-lingual unstructured data (news, web content) events and company-related relations relevant to the business cases. Additionally, JSI will develop various data analytics services, such as company recommendations and company network analysis that will simplify the analytics task in the business cases.
UNIMIB | technology provider; research organisation| | Homepage
UNIMIB will act as a technology partner of euBusinessGraph. UNIMIB will bring its expertise in semantic data management, in particular for data quality assessment, linking and summarisation.